Nutcracker Market and Soup Lunch

PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGES!! Luncheon is 12/7. Items due 11/30.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! December is the teachers’ favorite lunch because it is their traditional Nutcracker Market and Soup Lunch. We do this every year. I have attached the link below to sign up for items, and I appreciate your help. I say it every time, but I really can’t do this without all of you! Some things to remember….

1. Contact Darci with any questions 281-785-5605

2. Store brand is fine unless otherwise noted

3. I need ALL items by Friday, November 30th. If you are buying fresh produce or dairy or anything that might spoil, please wait to purchase and bring on the 30th.

I make all the soups ahead of time and freeze them so they are ready to go. If you want to help and are not able to purchase items or can’t make it to the store, here are some other ways we need help:

1. I will need to borrow about 8 crockpots (these can be dropped off at the school on the afternoon of the 12/6.

2. I will need help setting up on the morning of the 12/7.

3. I will need to borrow 4 soup ladles (or someone can donate these to the school)

4. I need someone to warm the breadsticks on the 7th and bring them to the school by 10:15am (this would probably be best split into 2-3 people)

I think that’s all. Contact me, Darci, with any questions or for drop off. 281-785-5605